Cowboy Briefcase

Promold Cowboy Briefcase

Our portable desk keeps your medicine, needles, ear tag, tools & paperwork all in one place.  Easy to sterilize, removable cups are dishwasher safe.  Lid overhangs protecting yet providing yet providing easy access to storage space underneath.  Hangs on 2" pipe (most panels) & rough lumber. 

Calf Sleds

Designed to pull over snow, manure, etc.  
Available in 4 sizes:
Large Chore Sled     64" long x 29" x 6"/9" deep 
Mini Chore Sled       42" long x 21" x 6" deep
4' Calf Sled              48" long x 23-1/4" x 5-1/2" deep
6'Calf Sled               72" long x 23-1/4" x 5-1/2" deep
Hitches available for 4' 6' and Large Chore Sleds

Grain Elevator Doghouse

Promold Grain Elevator Dog House

Doghouse can come fully insulated (as shown on green unit) or as shell only (as shown on red, brown and orange units).

Saddle Stands

Promold Saddle Stands
dog house vents
dog house vents

Insulated and shell only units both come with an adjustable vent on rear side of tower.


Insulated doghouse is fitted with three small vent holes connected to adjustable vent on rear of tower.   

insulated dog house
Grain Elevator Dog Houses

Available in 6 colors.  Door size can be cut in relation to size of dog.  

Tool Totes

Promold Tool Totes

2 sizes available. Great for horse- shoes, eartags, chisel points, sickleblades & TOOLS.