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Stationary Troughs

livestock water trough with divider panel

Stationary Pasture Trough with guard frame when not moving from pasture to pasture.

8’,16’,24’ & 32’ long x 4’ wide x 26” high.


Promold 8' Stationary Water Trough
Bottom frame work of Promold Stationary Water Trough

Skid-able Troughs

Promold 16' Skidable Water Trough
bison drinking from Promold water trough
reinforced cattle water trough

Our trough bottom is molded to fit over 2" pipe, reinforcing the trough & allowing for footing when needed without damaging trough. Pipe under trough lip ensures it will stand up to pushing without damaging. Our troughs give superior access.

Skidable Troughs have bale deck adapters & tow bars at both ends of frame. Solar Troughs have bale deck adapters at 1 end.

For smaller herds, 100 imp gal, 5' x 2' x 2'

Insulated Winter Trough

winter water systems for cattle

8' Insulated Trough with a 255 gal Insert Tank surrounded by 4" rigid insulation on all 6 sides. Troughs available with 2 up to 8 Tapered Drink Tubes. Allow 50 head per 13” drink tube. Plug off unneeded holes in extreme cold. Available in Skidable, Stationary, or Bolt Down Frames. Shown with optional 4 way Divider Panel & Bolt Down Frame. Designed for pressurized lines or solar set-up.

For pressurized line a water tube replaces one of the drink tubes and the water line comes up from the bottom.

drink tube from a Promold winter watering system for livestock
Promold 9' Winter Water Trough
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