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Creep Feeders

Promold Creep Feeder with panels
Promold Creep Feeder

40 to 50 bushels. Designed to fill with a front end loader. Hinged lids and adjustable feed towel.

Comes with feeder panels on 1 or 2 sides. Shoe box style lid fastens down. Adjustable feed trowel.

Bunk Feeders

Promold Livestock Bunk Feeder
Our heavy duty bunk feeders are constructed with 2" tubing.  Legs are extra wide, reducing flip over of bunk.  Poly tubs are mounted in 5' sections to reduce animal turnover.  Eliminate frozen tongues, noses and slivers.

Mineral Feeders

Mineral Feeder on stand.JPG

Our 2 compartment Mineral Feeder is available as a Hanging Feeder or Free Standing on a wide swivel base. 100 pound capacity.

Fence Feeders

Promold Livestock Fence Feeders
Promold Fence Feeder

Fence Feeders come in a variety of sizes.

-12" (S) wide x 9" deep

-18"(U) wide x 13" deep

-24"(XL) wide x 9" deep

-24"(U) wide x 13" deep


Sheep/Goat Feeder

Goat feeder single.JPG
Promold Sheep and Goat Feeder
Promold Sheep/Goat Feeder comes in 4' or 8' lengths x 29" wide.  Overall height is 46".   

Feed Dispensing Bins

Promold Feed Dispensing Bins, liquid feed option available

-Bottom Discharge

-72" high or 88" high (45 taper)

-78" high or 94" high (60 taper)

-Side Discharge

-59" high (above)

-75" high (16" taller)

Liquid & Mini Bins also available.

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